Refund Policy

The highlighted features of our team are credibility in honesty, The most importantly, our firm refund policy possess certain ethics and principles. If the customers are not completely satisfied with the provided work, they can place a request to avail full or partial refund.

Every one of our customers are asked for to completely audit, comprehend and submit to the accompanying subtle elements of the Refund Policy of Speedy Essay before putting in a request or guaranteeing the refund:

On the off chance that if the customer feels that his/her conveyed paper is bad or don`t live up to his/her desires, he/she is then fit the bill to present a complete protest concerning the issue through our Customer Support Service. Such a protestation will be considered important by SPEEDY ESSAY that will be in charge of either:

Remember, SPEEDY ESSAYS has the elite rights to reject the customer`s discount ask. On the off chance that if the Company neglects to convey inside the predefined time due any unanticipated occasion, the customer will be qualified for a discount.

In instances of minor postponement in the request conveyance or any minor irregularity in the finished paper (like referencing, references, organizing, and so on.), the Company will change the paper; these issues don`t approve a full discount.

The treats are utilized to track particular data, similar to it helps the Company assess the of guest`s stream on our site. The treats are just used to get specialized points of interest. In any case, the customer can confine the treats whenever, be that as it may, this will limit the customer from getting to some vital segments of our site.

Contact and Dispute Settlement Agreement

Our customers are advised to place a request of being discounted but keep in mind the sole authority to choice an expert lies on the Quality Assurance Department. Our clients can request of being refunded but it is to be finally decided by the Quality Assurance Department. Clear request would have been failed to if to be submitted out of the given time bound, it is automatically rejected. QAD would enjoy the authority to decide about the refunded amount.